Every Day Romance

Since it is February, and February is the month of Valentine’s Day, it is understandable that my first blog is about love. I have an 18-year old daughter and we talk a lot about love, romance, dating, marriage, boys, and men.  She is at that stage where she is looking at her future and wondering what it might look like. The other day, we were having one such conversation and I began to reminisce about  my own dating relationship with my husband and began to ponder the meaning and definition of “romance.” I used to think romance was all about the candles, music, dancing, and flowers. But after being married for almost 20 years now, I have a different view of “romance.” I now see romance in the ordinary and the “everyday.” My husband is a quiet man. He isn’t one who would just sweep you off your feet with quick words and suave actions, but I think my husband is very romantic. Why? Well, besides being so darn cute, he lives out romance every day.  I have learned that sexy is as sexy does. He always compliments me and says ,”Thank you” for the meals I cook. He washes dishes for me after I have cooked dinner. He tells me I am a good mother. He tells me the truth even when it hurts. He is teachable. He will leave five dollars on the counter for my lunch when he knows I need it. He will sacrifice things for himself to give me something. He sings silly songs. Romance is lived out every day. I remember one Valentine’s day he brought me my favorite bouquet of flowers–not ordinary flowers, but he went and purchased the little porcelain knobs with blue flowers on them, that I wanted for the buffet I was fixing. I loved those knobs. Even when I got rid of the buffet, I kept them. I love practical gifts that don’t go away and he knows that about me. That’s romance. Knowing your partner and showing that you care in their language. He does that very well. There are things he doesn’t do well. He doesn’t plan parties well. We have established this. He will invite 20 people over with only one small fruit pizza to feed them. But even then, there is an element of romance, since the party was for my birthday and we can now share a good laugh about it. But He is very good at the practical, every day, love and romance, and to me, what more can a girl want? That is the kind of romance that will hold you for the long term.

So, when I am talking to my daughter about romance, I tell her to learn to see romance in the “every day” because it is there.

I’d love to hear how you see romance in the “every day.”  Let me know. (Please keep it Rated G)